URL shortening service for privacy concerned people

We don't track you or your customers and we don't store and sell your or your customers' personal information.

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Questions and Answers

1. What information is stored in your service?

Generally we store only the information that is needed for the service to function.

We store following information:
a. Hash generatated by us for the URL you gave
b. The original URL you gave
c. Date and time when the shortened URL was created
d. Date and time of each visit to your shortened URL
e. Referer page URL of each visit to your shortened URL
f. Your user-agent (browser) when adding URL to shorten and user-agent (browser) of each visit to your shortened URL.

2. What is the catch here as this service is free?

Catch here is for the creators to have fun with their hobby project.

3. What if I want to remove my shortened URLs?

Since we don't store any personal information we don't have any way to authenticate who added which URL so removing URLs cannot be done. Shortened URLs that point to illegal content will be removed.

4. What should I do if I come across shortened URLs that point to illegal content?

You should report it to We take care of evaluating the link and if necessary removing the shortened URL and reporting the original URL to proper officials

5. How do I contact you?

You can contact us by sending email to